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Lucky International is a part of diversified business group dealing in technical textiles for various applications such as Tensile Membrane Structures, Tents, Truck Side Curtains, Truck Canopy, High Speed Roll doors and many more applications. We are also exclusive channel partners for Belgium based SIOEN Industries NV for their range of technical textiles in India.

Headquartered in Ardooie, Belgium – SIOEN Industries is a diversified stock quoted group with an extensive portfolio of products and activities: spinning, weaving and coating, manufacturing of clothing, production of fine chemicals and processing of technical textiles. Vertical and horizontal integration, diversification and permanent growth have driven us since 1960.

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How To Choose The Best Tents For Your Needs

No matter if you are searching for a high-quality tent to cater to your camping, mountain hiking, industrial, party, or medical needs, you will need to consider a few factors.

What Are You Looking For?


Tents have a wide array of uses and work tends or tents that can support entire music festivals or cultural events, pergolas, or tends used as temporary shelters are all part of the list. Sturdiness, excellent sustenance, space availability, available accessories, all of these are a few of the elements you are going to have to take into consideration when purchasing a new tent. SIOEN will provide you with an excellent line of tent fabric materials which will ensure your chosen tents will give you the maximum level of tear strength and stability. We will also make sure your tent will weigh the minimum weight possible while featuring high resistance levels against fire or mildew.


You will also need to seriously take into account the type of environment you will be using your tent most of the time. Maybe you are looking to plan your entire wedding in a large event tent, or you are searching for a tent that can cater you your campground needs. Some tents will also provide you with water facilities, while they might not withstand the harshest weather conditions. You can read some extra information on the most recommended tents for bad weather conditions or let us handle all the work for you while you read this blog on the toplotto site. Trail tents will be more compact and light-weighted. Think of the features and accessories you are going to need to use inside and around the tent. You might be looking for a tent that can be installed and dismantled at a fast speed, or one which can provide you with an enhanced degree of mobility. Get in touch with us and we will recommend tends highly resistant to abrasion which do not only look great, but are also highly durable and come with special PVDF lacquering systems.  







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